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We welcome and encourage all our readers to create and submit top ten list. If you don’t have a top 10 list but you have an interesting idea, send that to our feedback page as well.

Submit Top 10 list article(s) and we’ll do the rest. Grow with us!

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Required for Contributing Authors

  • 1. First. Always check your Top 10 Topics in our SEARCH Bar to avoid duplicate published content.

  • 2. The article must consist of 10 items.
  • 3. Always check the spelling.
  • 4. Overall format, your list should be on descending numbers (10 to 1, with 1 being the highest rank). Since we valued your choice – If the created list is not in order please do state the fact “unordered list” in the introduction.
  • 5. The lists should have an introduction of at least 150 words. (Just a loose guideline – some lists are shorter and that’s fine – it depends on topic)
  • 6. Consistency on heading title and should start with “10 of the” as seen on the previous post, (Note: a consistency is an important factor for your articles to be approved.)
  • 7. Each item in the list should answer the major 4W’s (who, what, where or when).
  • 8. The Content should be in Rated PG. Be accurate and stay close to the real facts, not unless if it’s just an opinion.

    (If based from another source, it should mention in the article).

  • 9. Be Original, we don’t publish lists that were already posted or copied from another site.
  • 10. Be bizarre; the more unique the list is, the better chances to be read.
  • 11. We will supply any graphics (images, videos, audios and etc.) that would be needed in the article, so you only need to write the list.
  • 12. We’ll give full credit and a link to your own site or blog or website if you have one.
  • Important : We strictly needed the following links for your article authorship: Your LinkedIn Profile Link or Google+ Profile Link.

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