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Top 10 of the Weirdest Animal Instincts and Behaviors

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Do you think it is enjoyable to be an ethologist, exploring the animal kingdom, discovering and unveiling its wonders which most people do not know? By the way, what is an ethologist? An ethologist (don’t’ be confused with ethnologist ) is the one who studies animal behavior, the evolution of that behavior and the understanding of the behavior. Animal behaviors can be instinctive or natural, and both of the classifications can lead to a strange fact. According to studies, some of the instincts and behaviors are inheritable and these responses are due o environmental conditions that stimulate an animal to act without involving reasons.

Instincts and behaviors are triggered in several ways and you might be surprised of the peculiarity and strangeness of those. Just like humans, animals also have intuitions and behaviors when they sense danger, when they provide security for their offspring and even some awesome and disgusting ways to survive. Again, another fascinating diversity will be featured in Always10List about top 10 lists of the Weirdest Animal Instincts, time to explore animal kingdom just like an ethologist.

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  1. jumergelcio

    April 6, 2012 at 12:43 am

    Hey, I saw this list on BBC Wold Documentaries, “The wonders of Nature: Animal Planet” though this list is precise and comprehensive. 

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