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Top 10 of the Powerhouse Countries in Miss Universe History

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The annual Miss Universe is one of the most awaited beauty contests in the world. It has become part of the lives of many people and considered as Super Bowl of Beauty.

Every year, 80 plus young, stunning women from different countries is vying for the most coveted Miss Universe crown. All of them will undergo the preliminary competition when the contestants will probably be judged in swimsuit, evening gown and preliminary interview. This will determine the Top 16 semifinalists, 15 chosen by judges’ panel and 1 chosen by internet votes. That number will be further reduced to 10 then advance to the Top 5 as the competition continues.

Who are the powerhouses in Miss Universe?

In the world of pageantry, it has become one of the traditions to most fans to have their predictions or hot picks. This will happen as soon as Miss Universe is around the corner when the lovely women are done with their official photo shoots and interviews. Critics’ assessments are based on how the candidates flaunt their bodies in swimwear and how they carry their gowns with elegance on stage during the preliminary competition. Moreover, their interviews can also be a factor since their personalities and intelligence was being judged on this portion.

Powerhouse countries on the other hand are determined based on the results in the last 60 years. This includes the countries that have placed in the Miss Universe pageant from its first edition in 1952 to the most recent competition in 2012. To know this can also be of great help because until now most powerhouse countries still able to make the cut and considered as front-runners in the competition.

Top 10 lists of Powerhouses in Miss Universe

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