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10 of the Must-Read Articles to Find Design Resources

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Staying up-to-date on the current web design news is very important for every different kind of designers as it will play a vital role in developing their own skills. If you are not up-to-date on the latest and most probably the important news and resources, then you are not going to be able to provide professional people with what they are looking for. Of course they will go somewhere where they will find what they are looking for in case you can’t provide what people are looking for.

Finding inspiration is not always as simple as it sounds, whether you’ve been designing for years or only weeks but because of different motivated people who are not stopping to compile different websites that will serves as a guide for every one of us, looking for resources become handy. Being a motivated one, I always find a way to collect all the best resources to help every individual to easily get started on their journey. In today’s post, we have composed the most comprehensive list of places where you can find design resources with different categories such as PSD, Business Cards, Logo, Brushes, Patterns, Textures, Infographics and more. These top 10 lists are part of the session “Web Resources Compilations” made by me on my blog. It is an excellent list of categorized places or websites where you can find different great sources of Design Inspirations and Resources.

The primary focus of list is resources is to help different designers whether they are PRO or Beginner in their workflow. This will cover most of the aspects in designing that will allow you to manipulate your own design journey. Good Luck and Check out this top 10 lists!

1 – 25 Sources to Download High Quality Free PSD Files

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Working with the Photoshop PSD files as source for design elements like Photoshop text effects can help you get a quicker and more effective start. It also reveals the techniques used on a specific design and most of the time there is something new we can learn from it. This entry will show you the 25 Sources to download high quality and professionally designed Photoshop .PSD files.

2 – 20 Sources to Download Free Photoshop Brushes

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Brushes enhance your art for making it possible for you to add awesome graphic elements to your image and of course, save you a lot of time. But finding great brush sources is not as easy as it seems. You have many websites, but only a few are well organized and have easy to find brushes. That is what we will try to bring you with this post that will show you the list of websites where you can find free download of Photoshop Brushes.

3 – 20 Sources to Download Free Photoshop Patterns

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Photoshop Patterns can help to create attractive and beautiful website backgrounds with very little effort. That’s why we listed a bunch of sites where you can download Free Photoshop patterns. This list of sites can be very good sources of Free Photoshop Patterns that you can incorporate to your designing process and hopefully will speed up your workflow.

4 – 20 Sources to Download Free High Quality Textures

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Texture plays a vital role in giving a little bit of depth that every designer is looking for to make the image pop. With just a little tweak of imagination and creativity, they can already create good design artworks with it. That is why we compiled the top places or websites to download free high quality textures.

5 – 15 Massive Collection of Logo Design Resources Site

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Logo is one of the very important elements of one’s company as it symbolizes the image of the team as a whole. Every company wants their logo to look unique so that it makes the company stand out from their competitors. This entry won’t show you any compilations of logo designs that are visually extraordinary to make you inspire but we are compiling the list some of the top websites where you can find the best sources to get Logo Design Inspirations and Resources.

6 – 10 Ultimate Lists of Top Infographics Resources Site

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Instead of poring over figures and long reports to decipher data, an infographic can immediately explain what the data actually means. This could help to quickly and clearly provide us with information that might be complex or hard to understand. In this entry, we compiled the list some of the top websites where you can find almost all of the top infographics around the web.

7 – 20 Collection of Business Card Resources Site

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Here we provide a list of useful websites where you can find inspirations and resources related to business cards. This will help you to find the best website suited for you to have your own business card. It is important because this will leave a good impression about your company and yourself in the minds of those whom you hand over the card.

8 – 20 Excellent List of Free Fonts Resources Site

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Good typography is not just about the size and style of a font, but also it’s about helping to establish a high level of visual hierarchy. It is very important element of a designing whereas it adds finishing touch to a design to give it the best look. In this entry, we compiled different websites where you can download free Fonts to get you started in your designing career.

9 – 20 Helpful Websites to Submit Your Design News

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Traffic is one of the main goal and may be one of the reason why people blog. Every individual have their own reason why they are blogging but the common denominator is “Traffic”. That is why we compiled the 20 websites where you can submit your post for free to generate traffic. But sad to say, they only allow design related news. But for designers, this is a good start to have some exposure in design world.

10 – 30 Marketplaces To Buy and Sell Stock Images

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Photographers, this is your turn. This entry is a roundup of different marketplaces for stock photos that offers buy and sell of different arts. These virtual places are created to help buyers and sellers to save time and money.

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