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Top 10 of the Killer Snake Movies You Should Watch

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If animals like dogs, cats or even lions made appearances into different Hollywood movies, then definitely snakes also deserve a special mention. These are mysterious animals with no legs that most people expressed a great fear. Its venomous bite and their ability to attack when you are unaware are mostly the top reasons why until now people cannot get rid of this fear.

Dare to watch snake movies?

If you feel ready and up to it, you can surely watch a snake movie any time. Remember, snakes’ appearance by this time is on the big screen only. There are some people out there that despite of having the fear they still manage to watch it, perhaps it is because of its great special effects or they knew that the protagonist in the end would kill the large dangerous serpents in the movie. Nonetheless, if you are a person, who loves watching this kind of movies, then you can include it to your collection.

You may check out this top 10 lists of the Killer Snake Movies below:


If you have ophidiophobia (fear of snakes), the fear is further amplified when watching movies like Anaconda or Snakes on a Plane or even Raiders of the Lost Ark – Fearofstuff

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