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Top 10 of the Best WordPress Magazine Themes

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For bloggers, there is only one blogging platform that really stands out among the rest – WordPress. WordPress is a powerful blogging platform that offers extreme advantages and benefits to all type of bloggers. Beginners advanced and even brands and business bloggers uses WordPress to further enhance their audience reach and send out the message they wanted the public to know about.

If you are a blogger who wanted to take advantage of the benefits WordPress has to offer, you need few more things aside from the default and basic platform itself. I listed the top 2 important stuff that you really need to consider and take a good look at.


Without the necessary plugins, WordPress benefits won’t be complete. As of this writing, there are already 24,163 listed free plugins at the WordPress plugins directory itself. That exclude the paid ones that offers more options and stuff that you might need depending on your blog niche. The free plugins that for me are essential and important for each and every WordPress users are All in One SEO Pack, WP Super Cache and Google XML Sitemaps. What ever niche your blog belongs to, the 3 mentioned plugins can surely help you out.


As of this writing, WordPress offers 1,733 free themes and still counting. Although the freely downloadable and usable themes they got are not bad at all, still, it’s nice to get your own exclusive theme. It can make your blog look professional and can make you, as the owner, to stand out among other bloggers.

With the rise of mobile and handheld gadgets, it’s important to consider a WordPress theme that can go along with desktop, laptop and handheld devices. For me, nothing is more perfect than magazine style WordPress themes. Most WordPress magazine themes offer great looking design that is lightweight and easy to load, they are compatible with almost all devices and most important of all, easy and pleasing to the eyes of its viewers. It’s a magazine style theme that most viewers really dig in.

If you already got the necessary plugins at hand for your WordPress based website or blog but still undecided about the theme, then my below list of 10 of the best WordPress magazine themes might help you decide. Check it out.

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