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Founded in May 2009, Always10list or simply “Always10” aims to compile millions of top 10 (ten) lists from different website references, contributors, readers and other media resources with main focus on delivering the best list to everyone empowering the power of every individual’s will to gain, access and write the list that is worth listed for “It’s always your choice!”

Always10list is a fast growing article dissemination site with a steady-fast growing friends and followers on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google and other social media.


“Write with us, Submit with us, Grow with us!”


Our Team



Head Writer/Chief Editor

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Jrplaza is a not-so-humble blogger, wannabe-web designer and web developer from Manila, Philippines. He is a proud BS Computer Science graduate (Proud product of La Salle and AMA) – though that was just a history in the making. He started blogging in his early college days and gained experienced through self study and his fat guts to learn.

He is as always interested in trends especially in any top10 trending news, topics and gossips. No, he is no Obsessive-Compulsive-Disorder guy that you imagine right now – just likes to have things list in order (Okay, well overdoing it actually).

He’s also a one big critic monster (Cookie Monster to be exact), he really likes to take note on every detail of things he sees but no worries here: just a mere “Subjective with a right reason” statements.


Hector Huele

Writer/Blogger/Top Contributor

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Hector Huele has a passion for techno-innovation who specializes in deep analysis on SEO and Social Media stuff. He is currently a writer/top contributor for Always10list. Mostly, he covered Top 10 in Technology Category.

Huele also received a Bachelor of Science in Information Technology degree at University of San Agustin. He became fascinated with SEO and Social Media which now supports for his living.


John Philip Mamaril

Writer/Blogger/Top Contributor

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He’s friends call him JAM, which literally translates as his real name’s initials. John Philip Mamaril is a Certified Instrument Technician, and passed the PICS Certification (DOST Scholar graduate).

He loves eating a lot (dun no, why that statement was added), anyway, he is so addicted in playing online games and arcade game which makes him think that he is not maturing much till now because his interests are so childlike. He blogs about anything, anything that will have caught his attention – he is the author of Semidoppel’s Report


Jae Rustia

Writer/Blogger/Top Contributor

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Jae Rustia studied Information Technology at Jose Rizal University (JRU) before joining the Always10list team. Prior to joining Always10list, Rustia dabbled in article marketing and SEO strategies as well as doing post for Top 10 Entertainment Category.

Rustia is fascinated with celebrity gossips and Hollywood lime lights.


Mary Grace Viado

Writer/Top Contributor/SEO Specialist

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Mary Grace is a double degree holder, graduate BS in Commerce major in Computer Information Systems Management and BS in Nursing. She is also a registered nurse in the Philippines.

Viado worked as a medical transcription editor prior to becoming an SEO specialist and part of the Always10list team. Fashion, events, travel and science are some of her forte in terms of writing. She co-founded Moda Critique, an online fashion magazine sharing fashion tips and bringing you to major fashion events.


Jose Penas Jr.


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Jose Penas Jr. or “Jhiegzh”, the blogger behind TalentScoops was born in one of the islands in the Philippines. From a young age, he was always interested in “anything” on television. In fact during his leisure time, he always love to share his personal views and comments about any Entertainment news particularly TV shows to his classmates and friends.

When he was just 14 years old, he became the news editor of his high school’s gazette. Right there and then, he began writing news reports and scoop school’s events. He became the representative of his city for Regional Schools Press Conference for 2 consecutive years.

He obtained his Associate Degree in Electronics Engineering Technology in one of the universities of the Philippines and he still have this hope to pursue a career in Education in the future.

Drawing insights from his favorite legends like Elton John and Whitney Houston, he picked himself up enthralled by the Entertainment world.


James Adrian Doque


He is a family man first and attempts to be a writer second. Born and raised in the heart of the techno-world, only gadgets eclipse his love of girls.

He is currently studying as a Computer Science in AMA. He learned the great side of blogging during the time he met jrplaza way back 2011 at AMA University.